What is a Prepaid Cell Phone? Do Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Have Family Plans and Smart Phones?


A prepaid cell phone is a cell phone or a smart phone, that requires no contract, no credit check and no annual plan. What are the best prepaid cell phones and plans? Are their prepaid cell phone family plans? How much can my family save with the best prepaid cell phones and plans? Why would I get rid of my family cell phone plan with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile?

straight talk family planAll the Same Networks Add a Line Create the best Prepaid cell Phone Family Plan $45 Per Month Unlimited Each Line! Network Coverage on Straight Talk by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint

The best prepaid cell phones and prepaid cell phone plans come from the leader, Straight Talk. Straight Talk offers free cell phones, or you can upgrade to a cell phone or smart phone with more features. The best prepaid cell phones and plans come from Straight Talk because they offer each line for your family plan, at just $45 per month and the prepaid, month to month, no contract cell phone plan called the “unlimited bundle” plan for $45 per month includes unlimited data or web, unlimited text messaging, unlimited talk, free 411, directory assistance and excellent customer service, as well as a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Verizon family plans, Sprint family plans and even AT&T family plans, don’t offer prepaid cell phones, free or paid for smart phones, with unlimited everything for just $45 per line. The best family plans that come from annual plans, use the same networks for 3G and 4G network coverage that Straight Talk prepaid cell phones uses.

Straight Talk uses Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for 3G, 4G, network coverage, so your family plan will work even better with fewer disconnects and smoother web browsing and data transfer.  Save $1,000.00 Year! Switch and Family Plan Straight Talk for Just $45 Line, Unlimited!

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! Excellent Customer Service! All from Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phones

One of the top reasons why people are asking ” what is a prepaid cell phone” and whether prepaid cell phone companies like Straight Talk, have prepaid smart phones and some of the best prepaid family plans, is because more and more people are getting sick of huge surprises in their annual plans, even the best of them, including family plans, from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. You can add a phone line to your prepaid Straight Talk account for just $45 per month and it includes unlimited everything. For just $45 per month, what a deal!



  1. Steven says

    Yes unlimited cell phone plans that have no contract are more popular every month. Why would you get locked in a 2 YEAR plan when you can get a monthly plan that’s cheaper with the same service. I don’t understand why so many people allow themselves to be hooked by 2 year plans. Maybe they think they’re getting a bargain because the phone is free or only $50, but it’s so easy to find a great Smartphones at reasonable prices these days. http://HowDoISignUp.com take a look and you’ll see that Solavei has $49 No Contract, Unlimited mobile phone service with unlimited talk, text and data – and that Unlimited data is 4 gigs, not the tiny 100megs that T-Mobile offers for the same plan. 4 gigs is 4,000 megs vs. 100 megs.

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