Samsung Galaxy S 3, LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Quest and Straight Talk Customer Service, Reviews, Summer 2013, Is Unlimited $45 Month, at Walmart Only, Really All It’s Cracked Up to Be or a Joke?


Straight Talk no-contract smart phoneIf you purchase a prepaid cell phone, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S 3, the LG Optimus Showtime, or the LG Optimus Quest from Straight Talk, (only retailer Walmart), with an unlimited data, talk and text bundle for $45 per month on a, "prepaid cell phone, month to month, no-annual contract", plan and want to know if Straight Talk is going to have good or bad customer service, should you need Straight Talk customer service, then you my friend, are asking a legitimate, important question any one with half a brain should ask and read reviews on, before the purchase.  Just because it is month to month, prepaid and no-contract, doesn't mean you won't need the Straight Talk customer service department at some point.


Even if after reading reviews, you purchased one of the best smart phones that Straight Talk, at least in 2013 has to offer, the Samsung Galaxy S II, you could still have questions or need customer service for activation. There are Straight Talk customer service reviews and it is important to know what help if any, you could get from the only retailer to date to actually carry the prepaid cell phones and no annual contract smart phones, Walmart. So is Straight Talk's customer service all it's cracked up to be, or just a big joke?


Buy the Best Prepaid, No-Contract Smart Phone, Like the Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus Showtime, or LG Optimus Quest, or Get a Free Basic Cell Phone from Straight Talk and Expect the Same Level of Customer Service, or Help at Local Walmart?

Samsung Galaxy S III Straight Talk

If you spend $79.99 for a prepaid smart phone like the LG Optimus Dynamic and have to have the Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45 per month, should you expect the same quality of customer service as the person purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S III for $439.99? What do reviews say about their customer service in 2013? Straight Talk's that is. There are not a lot of reviews on Straight Talk customer service, that talk about the real human experience, with this fast growing company. A lot of people don't know who Straight Talk is or think it is a company owned by Walmart. This is not the case but this article, just for now, is focused on their customer service. Other reviews, talk about the actual company and where they came from etc.


Tracfone owns Straight Talk and the only retailer to offer the prepaid, no-contract free cell phones they offer, as well as the best smart phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the LG Optimus Showtime. Because other companies, also prepaid, no-contract, are owned by Tracfone, like Net 10 for example, when you call customer service from your Straight Talk cell phone or smartphone, by dialing 611, you need to press the key for Straight Talk. Then another menu, then maybe an option for technical service, but no option to interrupt, for an operator by pressing zero. For some people with busy schedules, going through a maze to get a live operator, is insulting.


Straight Talk has amazing potential if it doesn't slip away, by being sold off or eliminated, by someone like Walmart, who started their own prepaid no-contract, phone service in 2013. Straight Talk in not so far off times, had amazing customer service any person who rights reviews, would have been proud to exude. This summer of 2013, for the first time, I had a shall we say, not so great, experience when calling Straight Talk's customer service about three of their best new smart phones in 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the LG Optimus Showtime and the LG Optimus Quest, all with new and current reviews.


Why Escalate a "Bad" Straight Talk Customer Service Event to Corporate and Why You DO Matter to Straight Talk!


The exhausting menu was insulting to me and then when I finally, after nearly an hour, reached a real person and asked for a supervisor, after demanding my complaint be logged, was promptly told by a robot, the lines or whatever, were all full and I should call back later.  Please understand, I am not giving up on Straight Talk. The company cannot improve, if we do not as educated consumers, tell them what's wrong, along with what's right. I could not get help in Walmart when I went to two separate locations, so that option was out.  To get to the bottom of this, a couple of corporate calls are in order this coming week. I am hoping for a direct response to our readers, from Tracfone corporate, their Straight Talk management team, as well as those in charge of taking care of consumers, after they become part of the Straight Talk, "family".


All companies go through growth spurts and many of you already know that the one thing we can always count on in this life in more ways than one, is change. Saying that, Tracfone corporate, the folks within and managing, the Straight Talk customer service department, need to know what's wrong when something is, so it can be fixed.  Especially if someone is purchasing three of the best priced smart phones that Straight Talk has to offer in 2013, the LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Quest and the Samsung Galaxy S III. These prepaid, no-contract smart phones, are not cheap or free.

Straight Talk review LG Optimus Quest

Chalking a bad customer service event up to a company not being good, isn't being fair, unless it doesn't improve on future calls. What is important is, if you have a bad customer service event with Straight Talk, that your complaint is logged and escalated to those who need that information, in order to improve the customer service. Now if on the third try, you still are not satisfied with the Straight Talk customer service department, contact Tracfone in Florida and tell corporate. I have always found the folks at Tracfone corporate, extremely helpful and concerned, that my concerns be addressed. Simply ask customer service and a supervisor, for escalation, get a reference number and names of who you talked to, the times and what the outcome was.


Follow these steps and if everything works out, Straight Talk's customer service is improved and those of us writing reviews, can keep on promoting Straight Talk's best free basic cell phones, as well as their best smart phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S III, the LG Optimus Quest and the LG Optimus Showtime. When you spend money on a smartphone, even if it isn't the best like the Samsung Galaxy S III, but happens to be the LG Optimus Showtime, or the LG Optimus Quest, (best in their classes), you deserve the exact same level of customer service. Do not expect or accept, anything less.

LG Optimus Showtime Reviews

Consumers Will Ultimately Determine Straight Talk's and Yes, Even Walmart's,  Fate in the End! Customer Service, Important? You Bet and NO, It's Not a Big Joke!


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Next week, I will follow up with another Straight Talk customer service review update so please, subscribe and find out, is Straight Talk's unlimited data, talk and text, all for $45 per month with no annual contract, all it's cracked up to be. For now, tell us about your Straight Talk customer service experience, in the summer of 2013.

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