Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phones Walmart Limited, Better Selection Like Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, ZTE Merit Online


You can review cell phones online for Straight Talk or you can see a limited selection at Walmart. Our local Walmart does not carry the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim or the ZTE Merit. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is the most popular prepaid smart phone, android powered, Straight Talk has to offer during the summer of 2012. Walmart carries a very limited selection of Straight Talk prepaid cell phones and is the only retail location that carries Straight Talk. You seriously should review the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim review and consider it as your Straight Talk prepaid Android powered smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy Precedent prepaid no contract

Walmart Does Not Carry All Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phones Like the Hottest Selling Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. The Best Selling Prepaid Android Smart Phone of the 2012 Summer. Check Out the Review! Plus, Until August 7, 2012, Order Your Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone Here and Get a Cash Rebate! Check it Out! *Another Great Alternative is the Samsung Galaxy Precedent or the LG Optimus Q.

Every once and awhile, we go to the local Walmart to see which of the Straight Talk prepaid cell phones Walmart is carrying at the moment. The last time we went, there were like a total of three and they didn't include the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim or the new ZTE Merit 990G. My guess is, they wouldn't be able to keep the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim in stock at Walmart anyway. People love this prepaid smart phone. Android powered and working on the 3G Verizon network, it's no wonder. The ZTE Merit 990G is great but what you get for just about $40 more with the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, makes the step up to it, well worth the small price difference. 

Walmart Does Not Offer Our Cash Rebate on the ZTE Merit 990G or the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Walmart Carries Straight Talk Refill Cards but With Auto refill You Don't Need to Go to Walmart for Your ZTE Merit 990G or Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Refill!

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim review reveals that over 95% of customers who purchased it from Straight Talk, were satisfied and would recommend it to friends or family. Purchase the unlimited data/web, talk and text bundle for $45 per month with auto refill or buy the refill each month for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim or the ZTE Merit 990G, online, or with auto refill using a debit or credit card and save yourself a Walmart trip. Reviews also tell us that people love the smoothness that they feel when surfing the web or transferring data with the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. They also love the access to over 250,000 Android applications.

The LG Optimus Q is an excellent alternative at $179.99 and worth checking out!


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