Straight Talk Phones! The Best New Free and Paid Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Android Prepaid, No Contract Plus Review the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, LG Optimus Q, Nokia E5, Samsung T404G


Straight Talk Free, New Phones, for 2012 or Smart Phones, Like the Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Precedent, the LG Optimus Q, Nokia E5 and the Samsung T404G. Not to mention the best new smart phones that are no contract, prepaid, the Huawei Ascend II and the LG Optimus Zip, or the thinnest of them all, the LG Optimus Black


The three cell phones offered by Straight Talk in this new year of 2012 may not be free but, they are excellent choices for prepaid wireless plans that come with unlimited talk, text and data for just $45 per month.


The Nokia E5Smart Phone, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent which is Android powered and the LG Optimus Q which is also Android powered. All three are popular Straight Talk phones and come with excellent reviews in the new 2012 year.

LG Optimus Black Review

New 2012 Straight Talk LG Optimus 2X is Not Available, Instead, go for the Thinnest smart Phone, The LG Optimus Black and Get a Free $20 Rebate and Free Shipping!

Straight Talk also offers free cell phones like the Motorola W418G, the LG 620G, the Samsung T401G and the LG 420G. Straight Talk free cell phone offers for January 2012, include all of these and they all work fine with the 30 day, $30 prepaid plan. If you use the cellular phone more than an hour a day, I would suggest purchasing the $45 unlimited talk, text and data plan from Straight Talk so you don't have limits. 


Straight Talk customer service is just about the best you can get and trust me, my family and inner circle of friends, we have worked with all of the prepaid wireless, mobile phone carriers, as well as those offering annual contracts. Straight Talk customer service representatives are limited in the help they can offer but there are avenues you can go through to get the help you need. If you are not getting the customer service help you need from Straight Talk, ask for a supervisor and if that doesn't resolve the issue, take it to Tracfone corporate resolution in Miami Florida. If you need the contact information, please just ask.


Don't forget about the FREE shipping offer by Straight Talk!

New 2012 Straight Talk Phone Reviews Nokia E71

Above – Straight Talk's Nokia E5 Smart Phone – Prepaid Cell Phone- Must Purchase $45 Unlimited Bundle Plan Monthly

I have tried the LG Optimus Q, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent as well as the Nokia E5 and my personal favorite is the Nokia E5 smart phone. While the Nokia E5 is not an Android powered cell phone like the LG Optimus Q or the Samsung Galaxy precedent, I like the features and have moved away from the touch screen until it becomes more advanced and sensitive to each individual.  

LG Optimus Q No Contract Prepaid Cell Phones

Above – LG Optimus Q – Available from Straight Talk in 2012 – The All New (by Straight Talk) Android Powered Prepaid Cell Phone – Must Purchase $45 Unlimited Bundle Plan Monthly 

Right now, Straight Talk prepaid wireless is offering a refurbished Nokia E71 for just $49.99 which is pretty amazing, when you consider you are talking about a cell phone that has retailed for as high as $729.00!


Refurbished cell phones offered by Straight Talk that i have reviewed, or my family or friends, have been just as good as new, totally! I personally feel that the Nokia E71 is well worth a price of $299 and that the LG Optimus Q, as well as the Samsung galaxy Precedent, are over priced.

samsung galaxy precedent review

Above – Samsung Galaxy Precedent – Straight Talk 2012 Android Powered Prepaid Cell Phone – Must Purchase $45 Unlimited Bundle Plan Monthly


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