Straight Talk Free Phones and Straight Talk Unlimited Bundles $45


If you are searching for ways to save money such as coupons and coupon codes, as well as promo codes, consider knocking up to, or over, $1200 from your annual wireless cell phone account by purchasing an unlimited, prepaid wireless cell phone, where you can even get a free phone. Straight Talk Free Phones   Straight Talk has some great free cell phones, their service is provided via Verizon, or so we hear and you have a great selection of cell phones to choose from, including a couple of Smart Phones, being offered right now, from Straight Talk, prepaid wireless cell phone service.     You can compare Net10, Tracfone and AT&T Pay As You Go and I promise you this, you will NOT find a better all around deal than with Straight Talk! Straight Talk has them all beat hands down and now with the Smart Phones by Nokia being made available, why would you choose any other prepaid, pay as you go, cell phone, wireless provider?   Look at the New Samsung Galaxy Precedent (Above), Just Another Great Phone from Straight Talk! My family of six has consistantly purchased different cell phones from Straight Talk, with no reception or billing issues. Some of the phones have come from free straight talk prepaid cell phone offers but, we also have some of the better cell phones offered by Straight Talk.

With Straight Talk, you don't have to go to Walmart to buy a refill card every month, they have an auto refill service where each month when your bill is due, it comes off of your credit or debit card so you have no worries about paying your bill each month.   Another great feature with Straight Talk prepaid wireless service is that there is no credit check and no annual contract. Some families are saving over $1200 per year in annual cell phone contract billing, including my family. You can choose to not check out the free cell phone offers for Straight Talk but why wouldn't you when the vast majority of people using Straight Talk, are totally happy with their prepaid wireless, cell phone. With the introduction of Smart Phones by Straight Talk, you now have even more options as to which type of cell phone you want with your prepaid cell phone service. $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and web! What a great deal! So forget those monthly bills and contracts with regular cell phones and get a prepaid cell phone for free from Straight Talk! straight Talk Free Phones Samsung Galaxy Precedent

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