Straight Talk Best New Family Plans 2012 – $45 Line Unlimited Bundle Review Best New Prepaid No-Contract Android Smartphones


straight talk family plan

Review the best new Straight Talk cell phones in July 2012. If you think by switching to Straight Talk and starting a new family plan using Straight Talk and their best new Android powered smartphones is not fashionable or you may not get as good of coverage as with a Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint or some other major carriers family plan, think again because..

Straight Talk Android Smartphones Use Verizon, AT&T and Sprint Towers, for the Best Family Plans at Just $45 per Line with Unlimited Everything!

Family plans with cell phone carriers are nothing new but, wouldn't it be great if the best Verizon wireless family plans, or family plans from AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, that use Android smartphones, included unlimited data, talk and text for just $45 per month? Straight Talk and Net10 both owned by Tracfone, use Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint towers. So if you are worried you may not be getting the best family plans from those carriers, you don't have to worry. For just $45 per month, Straight Talk has your family covered with the best family plans in the wireless cell phone business in 2012.

straight talk family planMy Family Plan Members all Like Different Kinds of the Best Android Smartphones. How can Straight Talk have the Best New Smartphones for my Family Plan Members?

You can choose from great Straight Talk smartphones that are Android powered like the best new smartphones of 2012 from Straight Talk, including the LG Optimus Black, also known as the LG-P970. Through August 7, 2012, get a free $20 rebate on the LG Optimus Black. The thinnest smartphone with all the best new 2012 features for any member of your family plan. See the review.

The LG Optimus Q, which currently has free shipping from Straight Talk, a free $20 gift card and from us, an additional free $15 rebate, through August 7, 2012. The LG Optimus Q is a great alternative for the same priced, out of stock, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. See the LG Optimus Q review. Consider the LG Optimus Q for your new 2012 family plan, from the best prepaid cell phone service, Straight Talk. Even the best Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint family plans, cannot beat the Straight Talk add a line to your new 2012 family plan for $45 per month.

The Samsung Galaxy Precedent. A favorite from those who love Samsung Galaxy products, the Precedent is a great smartphone to add to your Straight Talk family plan in 2012 and with Straight Talk, get free shipping. Through August 7, 2012, we are also offering a $10 rebate on the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. See the review.

The ZTE Merit 990G is a new addition to the Straight Talk Android powered smartphone family and right now, get a free $10 rebate from us through August 7, 2012 and free shipping from Straight Talk for the all new ZTE Merit 990g. See the ZTE Merit 990G review.

The all new Huawei Ascend ll is now available for your best new Straight Talk prepaid cell phone family plan and again, add the Huawei Ascend with the unlimited bundle for just $45 per month from Straight Talk, for the best new family plan of 2012, plus get a free $7 rebate and free shipping. See the review.

Straight Talk Also Has Free Cell Phones for Your New Prepaid Family Plan

During July 2012, get several free cell phones from Straight Talk. Simply add the $30 bundle or the unlimited bundle for $45 per month and you are ready to go!

The LG 420G is offered for free from Straight Talk in July 2012. The Motorola W418G is available for free in July 2012. The T340G by Samsung is also a free cell phone from Straight Talk in July 2012.


No matter what kind of cell phone you want for the best new wireless family plan in 2012, Straight Talk surely has something to appeal to every taste in your family. Take advantage of all of the great new Straight Talk free cell phones, Android powered smartphones, free shipping and other free offers from Straight Talk and CryBabyNews, all in July 2012!

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