Samsung Galaxy Proclaim: Review: Urgent Update: Walmart Cell Phones: Straight Talk Phones: Best Free Offers July 2012: LG Optimus Q, LG Optimus Black-P970


Review this: Walmart, Straight Talk and Net10 are all out of stock for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Walmart cell phones? Walmart has a very small selection of Straight Talk prepaid cell phones, smartphones, including free cell phones and the best July new prepaid cell phones and smart phones from Straight Talk.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Review

Free Shipping – Free Rebates From US – Free Gift Cards – Network Coverage for Straight Talk, Net10 Provided by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint – LG Optimus Q, Just as Great as the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim but NOW Save $35

LG Optimus Q Review


The LG Optimus Q and the LG Optimus Black (LG-P970) are excellent alternatives for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim since there is NO date expected for it to be in stock at either Walmart, Straight Talk or Net10. By the way, Tracfone owns Straight Talk and Net10. The only difference between Net10 and Straight Talk is Net10 is $5 more per month. Both carry the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim when it is in stock, the LG Optimus Q and the LG Optimus Blac (LG-P970).

Free Shipping Straight Talk

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim $179.99 (out of stock) LG Optimus Q $179.99 – Free $20 gift Card from Straight Talk, free Shipping from Straight Talk, Free $15 rebate from Us $145.99 for the LG Optimus Q, Just Purchase using any Link Here! 

LG Optimus Black (LG-P970)

LG Optimus Black P970 review

Get the Best Prepaid Smartphone, the LG Optimus Black (LG-P970), Free Shipping, Free $20 rebate from Us!

Prepaid Cell Phones No Contract

While Straight Talk has a few free cell phones, they also offer some of the best new smart phones, offered by prepaid cell phone companies, for just $45 per month, which includes unlimited everything! Check out the reviews for the LG Optimus Q and the reviews for the LG Optimus Black (LG-P970). 

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