Samsung Galaxy Precedent Free $20 Free Shipping Not Walmart Cell Phones Still Supporting China at Walmart?


Samsung Galaxy Precedent ReviewThis is supposed to be just a simple review of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, now on sale at Straight Talk and with free shipping plus a free $20 gift card. We, my family, have been buying Straight talk, Net10, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Cricket, no-contract, prepaid cell phones, for almost two years to be able to write reviews on them and pass on special free offers and savings.

Walmart only had a couple of Straight Talk and Net10 no-contract cell phones and smartphones in their local stores so small business, mom and pop affiliates like ours could offer the rest of the free cell phones and the best prepaid smartphones that Straight Talk and Net10 carried, that Walmart didn't have in the stores. But of course, Walmart couldn't stand for any small businesses in America to stay in business if they could make another buck on something else in their stores, from china. So, they decided to start carrying more of the phones in the stores and put the mom and pop affiliates online out of business. It's just capitalism right?

Samsung Galaxy Precedent Review Feb. 2013 Free $20 Gift card, Free Shipping, NOT Walmart

Look, Walmart already owns half of the planet and America. Do you have any idea how many small businesses in America have gone under because of Walmart being able to buy in bulk and offer lower prices by not offering their workers health insurance they could afford? Did you know that most Walmart employees have to depend on State, federal medicaid for insurance for their families? Did you know that it's China you are building up, not America when you shop at Walmart. We are destroying our country from within. It isn't other countries doing it, it is us!

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So you could go to Walmart and buy a Straight Talk or Net10 cell phone like the Samsung galaxy Precedent. Is it worth it? Do you really care or do you just say you do and then go and support Walmart?

Samsung Galaxy Precedent ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a great prepaid smartphone for those who don't have hundreds to spend on an iPhone or on an annual contract. Get free shipping on the samsung galaxy Precedent in Feb 2013 along with a free 420 gift card. Direct links to Straight talk and Net10 right here.

It probably won't be long before the rest of the Straight Talk and Net10 affiliates online are gone because Walmart, has to have it all and does't give a damn about American jobs. All they care about is save more live better for Walmart, the corporation!

Now it's up to you!

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