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Lately, my friends and family who do reviews of prepaid wireless, mobile, cell phones and prepaid or pay as you go plans decided to find out what other people think of companies like Straight Talk, Verizon, Net 10, Sprint, T Mobile, AT&T, Simply Mobile, Boost Mobile and all the rest, who claim they have "unlimited" bundles, when they in fact, some of them, don't. The unlimited isn't unlimited when they place and astersik after the word "unlimited" next to the word "data". In fact, they have restrictions on the amount of data you can use with the unlimited bundle so why are they using the word "data" with the word "unlimited"?

T Mobile Unlimited Prepaid, Month to Month, Pay As You Go, Doesn't Mean Unlimited?

I was just looking at the Unlimited month to month, no contract plans available from T-Mobile prepaid or "pay as you go" wireless cell phone service and saw the little asterisk next to unlimited data again and it is just totally wrong to use the word unlimited in the prepaid plans and expect that because you place an asterisk next to the word unlimited, that people will read what that means and not think you mean unlimited like you just said. How is that not sneaky and just wrong for T mobile and others to do?

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What do you think? Should T Mobile and others remove the word "unlimited" if it isn't TRULY unlimited? Why should the burden to read deatilas on what they mean by the word with an asterisk, be placed on the prepaid cell phone customers?

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