Prepaid Cell Phones Review Straight Talk Review net10 No Contract Unlimited Data, Web, Talk and Text, $45 – $50 Month Pay As You Go


In July 2012, some of the reviews for prepaid cell phones, cell phone and smart phone accessories, including no contract, pay as you go smart phones, including Android powered smart phones, have new additions from prepaid cell phones and prepaid cell phone plan leaders, Straight Talk and Net 10. Both offer unlimited talk, data and text messaging for $45-$65 per month, depending on the unlimited bundle that you select after you read the review on the prepaid cell phone of your choosing.

Straight Talk and Net 10 Same Towers – Same Phones – Same Prepaid, No Contract, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – 3G Network Coverage by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint for all Straight Talk, Net 10 No Contract, Prepaid Cell Phones and Prepaid Android Powered Smart Phones $ FREE REBATES $ VISIT REVIEWS ALL PHONES FREE REBATES $


Both prepaid cell phone companies use the same towers, offer the same cell phones, basic, smart and Android prepaid cell phones. Straight Talk and Net10 have free shipping offers as well as special offers. If you want an extra kick to Straight Talk and Net10 special offers, subscribe to our site and take part in prepaid cell phone free offers like, free rebates, social sharing contests etc.

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The goals of Cry Baby News include offering you the very best prices on prepaid, no contract cell phones, as well as totally honest reviews of the best new prepaid, no contract, free cell phones and smart, Android powered cell phones. Count on great prices and great reviews of the best new cell phones and cell accessories. You can count on the best prices on prepaid, no contract cell phones and accessories for your prepaid cell phones, basic, smart and Android powered, all from

Reviews on the Best new Prepaid, no Contract Cell Phones, Smart and Android Like: LG Optimus Black, Huawei Ascend 2, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, LG Optimus Q, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

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