Ongoing Reviews Show Samsung and LG, Holding Value: Use Verizon, At&T and Sprint Powered Services on Straight Talk. Find the Best Prepaid Cell Phone or Smartphone! LG Optimus Showtime, Zip or Black, Samsung Galaxy Centura, All Considered “Best”!


Find the best prepaid cell phones smart phonesWhy check out reviews of the LG Optimus Showtime, Samsung Galaxy Centura, or Even the LG Optimus Black, Zip and Showtime? How do Samsung and LG Influence the Best Prepaid Cell Phones and No-Contract Smart Phones?

Finding the very best prepaid, No Contract Smartphone or no-contract Smartphone, can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the best one that maintains to the highest degree,  maintaining it's value and the words and phrases like, "cheap, lowest affordable, best rated, no-contract Smartphone, " may not seem to be the first questions, at least when searching for the, "best prepaid cell phone" and it being a "no-contract cell phone or smart phone. Best companies like Samsung, LG, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile and Straight Talk, need models that hold their value. In rare cases, it could rise in value. There are other prepaid, no-contract cell phone, or smart phone companies and some are great. Reviews help in the end.

Free Straight Talk Promo-CodesIs Straight Talk One of the Best Prepaid. No-Contract Companies and How About Walmart Cell Phones, Smart Phones that are Prepaid? Do Reviews Matter? Always Free Shipping and Straight Talk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

So let's talk about what makes a company like Straight Talk viable, vs. Boost Mobile, Virgin mobile, AT&T, or even Sprint, as your next potential prepaid cell phone and smartphone company. The actual companies that manufacture under the labels "LG, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and several more, are more concerned with numbers of serviceable clients, than creating a Smartphone that holds it's suggested retail price, or very rarely, actually increases in value. All are managed well but who's company can take the market up a notch, while accepting the risk of losing, at a well managed level, different for many different reasons. LG and Samsung for example, have several models that have stood tall through a few years of constantly changing and upgraded equipment available. Without reviews, it may not be as easy to find the best prepaid cell phone and no-contract smartphone models without reviews. Shipping is always free from Straight Talk.

Which are the Best Models to Hold or Increase in Value, Samsung, or LG? How Can We Find the Best Prepaid Models from LG and Samsung at Straight Talk?

LG has the LG Optimus Zip, the LG Optimus Black, powered by Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, like we are used to, for the most part, along with the new exceptionally popular models considered "the best prepaid cell phones". The LG Optimus Showtime, "see reviews". Reviews help you and others, to get a better phone and no-contract, prepaid plan.

Compare In Reviews, Samsung and LG, With Straight Talk. Straight Talk Uses AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Towers to Power their Prepaid, No-Contract Cell Phones and Smartphones! 

Samsung and the Galaxy Proclaim, were a great success in 2012 and the first few months of 2013. Now Samsung has the Centura and seeing how well the market responds, whether it can meet or exceed demand in comparison of the LG Optimus Showtime, sales for that product in the same time frame, will be fun to watch for changes in the prepaid cell phone and smartphone arena. Reviews allow you to compare all of the models, old and new, that were popular, at least for the most part.

Free Straight Talk Promo-CodesUsing Same Towers from AT&T, or Sprint, Why Can't the Prepaid Cell Phone Companies, Straight Talk Get Newer Product Sooner?

Can LG and Samsung keep up with the changing technology and pass it on to the consumer, a little sooner in the last quarter of 2013, seems to be a good study for that period, at least for those of us watching the Straight Talk company parent Tracfone, I can see the financial benefit Tracfone will have later from using as a resume booster, Walmart, at least until some big changes are made with that company and even more in 2013, people want to see the impact their purchase will make on a planet we want to leave in at least as good as we found it status, hopefully better, for our grand babies and their babies. I do not believe it is insulting to these companies for me or others to voice our constructive criticisms, as opinions only of course.


Back to the LG Optimus Zip, Samsung Galaxy Centura and other prepaid and no contract companies. The Samsung Galaxy Centura and the LG Optimus Showtime, Zip, as well as the LG Optimus Black, are great for holding and maintaining their suggested retail value, even after about two years, give or take a few months.  All of these models are no-contract, prepaid cell phones, or "smart phones", with reviews of each, either completed or in the process.


The LG Optimus and the LG Optimus Zip, have held their values longer than any other models in the last couple of years. Reviews have been done on each for a very long time, at least when you consider the actual "shelf life", of models such as the new LG Optimus Showtime, see the review,  and the Samsung Galaxy Centura, see the review.


Straight Talk no-contract smart phoneWalmart is promoting their own cell phone plans but the demand didn't match expectations and when a model, like the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, runs out of stock before it's initial launch is even completed, the mathematical prospects for soon coming out with another model, for LG or Samsung, that does hold the value, decreases significantly.


Just remember, you can help support your fellow American in a much more personal basis, by using direct Straight Talk, Tracfone, links from sites like ours. If you have a question, feel free to ask and someone with some sort of knowledge responds, especially if the model is or was considered to be, one of the companies best sellers. Checking prepaid cell phone and no-contract smartphone carries and what those writing reviews have to say, can play an exceptional role when someone is trying to find the "best prepaid cell phone, Android powered, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint powered, touch screen phones, or even basic free cell phones. How else would you know what others think about the particular model?

Read Reviews for the LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Zip, or LG Optimus Black, Compare Reviews to New Models Like, the Samsung Galaxy Centura. 

Take some time and just be certain that you are getting the best value, price and customer service and then select your budget. My major point in this article, review, is that I think people should consider Straight Talk when considering prepaid cell phones and smart phones, regardless of whether the manufacturer is LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, or Huawei.


If you would like to see a review of a prepaid cell phone company, or the specific review notes on any models, as well as on no-contract smart phones, considered at one time or another to be, "free, best, affordable or cheap, yet excellent in all other areas of the reviews, let us know and if their is enough demand, it may just be completed before you know it! That is another great reason to subscribe, as well as to check out reviews on other prepaid offerings, made by Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile etc.  Always examine before you buy, especially when the best price, may have been kept for months or years after the original launch, of that particular model. My suggestions of manufacturers Samsung and LG, are just that, suggestions. 

What Do You Think of Straight Talk, Samsung and LG Customer Service? Reviews Conclusion

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