Net 10 Pay As You Go Prepaid Cell Phone Unlimited Monthly $50 Cellular Best No Annual Plan Reviews 2012





When it comes to "Pay As You Go" or, "prepaid cell phones and service", Net 10 is right up there in the top, best reviews of 2012 with an unlimited month to month, no annual contract or plan bundle for just $50 per month.  Net 10 – Prepaid Cell Phone Review – Unlimited $50 Best Android 2012


Why would anyone switch from AT&T, T Mobile, Verizon, Sprint etc., and their best annual cellular or "wireless", mobile phone, annual plans and go for month to month, no annual contract or plan, pay as you go, prepaid cell phones and service, such as that provided by Net 10?

LG Optimus Q Net 10 Best 2012 Prepaid Android Cell Phone

When you hear the words "unlimited text, talk and data", do you automatically think, yea right, give me a break? Unlimited doesn't always mean "unlimited". The small print tells you that if you go over a certain amount of usage, you will have to pay for additional usage so, it's not truly "unlimited". Are their any real pay as you go, prepaid cell phone providers who have truly "unlimited", text, talk and data and if so, what makes Net 10 any better than the rest?


Can I Really Save Up To Or Over $1,200.00 Annually Switching from Annual cell phone Billing to Pay As You Go, Prepaid Mobile From Net 10?

Review: Non-Annual Prepaid Net 10 Plan: The reality with prepaid wireless cell phone service is that you can save up to or even over $1,200.00 in annual cell phone plan billing and still have great customer service, excellent coverage and some of the best new Android or smart phones, on the market in 2012. Net 10 has an amazing choice from basic cell phones to again, some of the best new Android powered cell phones available in the prepaid market in 2012.


Net 10 Customer Service: How Does Net 10 Customer Service Compare to Annual Plan Customer Service from Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint Etc.?

Review: Net 10 Customer Service: Some might think that pay as you go customer service may be lacking but that simply isn't the reality when it comes to net 10. The customer service at net 10 was not lacking in any aspect when we dealt with them over a seven day period. The one issue we had with net 10 customer service was wait time for a supervisor for a question baseline customer support couldn't answer. beyond that, the customer service review for Net 10 is great!


Net 10 Has Some of the best New Android cell Phones of 2012?

The LG Optimus Net is Android powered, one of the best Android powered cell phones offered in the prepaid, pay as you go cell phones for 2012.

The LG Optimus Q is Android powered and is also one of the best prepaid Android phones offered in 2012.

Full Specs on LG Optimus Net – Best Android Cell Phone Offered by Net 10 


FREE Overnight Shipping


3.2" Touch Screen

3.2 MP Camera w/Digital Zoom & Video Recorder

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


Instant Messaging

International Texting Included

Advanced GPS Capabilities

3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity

Virtual QWERTY Keyboard

5 Home Screens

MP3 Player (cable not included)

Supports microSD™ Card up to 32GB (not included)

Over 250,000 Android Apps available

Gravity Sensor / Tilt & Shake

Hands-Free Speaker

Voice Dialing/ Voice Commands

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M4/T3

Phonebook with Unlimited Entries

Weights – 4.4 ounces

Battery talk time up to 5 hours

Standby time up to 10 days

Includes Battery, Charger, 4GB microSD™ Memory Card, Activation Card, Services Guide and User Manual

A $50/30 Day Unlimited* Monthly Plan is required


Review Conclusion: Net 10 has some of the best Android powered cell phones in the prepaid, pay as you go, market available in 2012 and yes, you can save up to or even over, $1,200.00 in annual cell phone billing by switching to Net 10!

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