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The LG Optimus Showtime is OUT of Stock AGAIN as of August, 2013. The next best option is the LG Optimus Quest, the Samsung "Galaxy S3", the LG Optimus Zip, or the LG Optimus Black. Another option is the Samsung Galaxy Centura (powered for Straight Talk by Verizon).

UPDATE October 2013: The NEW LG Optimus Ultimate is the basic twin to the LG Optimus Showtime but with a much better battery life.

The LG Optimus Ultimate is basically the LG Optimus Showtime's sister but with a much better battery. 

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LG Optimus ULTIMATE™ LG Optimus Ultimate Review: Free $15 Rebate: Free Straight Talk Overnight Ship Not by Walmart

The LG Optimus Showtime is NO Longer Available as the BETTER Twin, the LG Optimus Ultimate is taking it's place with exactly the same features but longer batter life and a larger screen!

LG Optimus Ultimate: Reviews LG Optimus Showtime’s Twin, But Better, the L96G, LG Optimus Ultimate, Straight Talk’s Best New Prepaid Android, Touchscreen Smartphone of 2013, powered by Verizon, ATTT and Sprint, GSM! Free $15 Walmart Gift Card 2013 Android Smart Phones Review Here

The best LG Optimus Showtime alternative, not at the local Walmart is the Samsung Galaxy Centura for just $99.99 plus free overnight shipping. Powered by Verizon with Unlimited Data, Texting and Talk for just $45 per month with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee! Check out the Samsung Galaxy Centura Reviews!

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With over three years of reviews of the best new prepaid, no contract cell phones and smartphones, we are here to help with reviews combined like the reviews of the Optimus Showtime. Now, get FREE Limited time shipping and it is NOT from Walmart, it is from Straight Talk directly! Reviews were out long ago and for a limited number of people in America Showtime was tried out, now it's here to stay and the most loved Verizon powered Straight Talk prepaid cell phone, smartphone, the LG Optimus Showtime, lives up to the positive reviews!

LG Optimus Showtime Review

Out of Stock Until  Further Notice! Straight Talk Smartphone of 2013, the LG Optimus Showtime (left)Reviews Give it 4.8 out of 5 Stars from Users!

Best New Straight Talk Cell Phones-Smartphones




LG Optimus Showtime Free Rebate

The hottest new prepaid mobile phone from Straight Talk is on with the reviews of the LG Optimus Zip, powered by Verizon and now back in stock  with free shipping and an excellent 30 day satisfaction guarantee on one of the best Straight Talk smartphones, prepaid, no-contract, using Verizon towers!



Reviews are going on now of the new LG Optimus Showtime, powered by Verizon, a prepaid smartphone added by Straight Talk. Well priced, the LG Optimus Showtime alternative, the Optimus Zip by LG.


LG Optimus Zip ReviewThe LG Optimus Zip (Left) is full of great features for a touchscreen smartphone offered by Straight Talk with their prepaid, no-contract, pay a you go, program. It may be new but the LG Optimus Zip is going to be one of the best new touchscreen smartphones that Straight Talk has added.

LG Optimus Showtime ReviewBack In Stock America's Most loved Straight Talk Smartphone of 2013, the LG Optimus Showtime (left)Reviews Give it 4.8 out of 5 Stars from Users!

You could buy the LG Optimus Zip after this review at Walmart and support China some more or support an American mom, pop, work from home, small business family, plus get free shipping, with our direct links to Straight Talk to buy the LG Optimus Zip.

Check out the Straight Talk best new phones of 2013, LG Optimus Zip, best alternative in reviews, to the Showtime(powered by Verizon) review and remember, before you rush to Walmart to buy the LG Optimus Showtime, let us tell you why we think you shouldn't buy your Straight Talk prepaid, no-contract, pay as you go, Android powered, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint powered, touchscreen cell phones from Walmart.

The LG Optimus Zip (powered by Verizon), is a great smartphone packed with features for the small price of $179.99.99. You even get free shipping and you cannot get that from Walmart. When you buy the LG Optimus Showtime at Walmart, NOT in stock and you are helping China, not American small businesses or work from home, mom and pop affiliates of Straight Talk like this one. We link you directly to Straight Talk, not Walmart. We make a small commission and use it to support our American family here, north of Seattle. We appreciate every purchase you make. Get the LG Optimus Zip today!

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Although the LG Optimus Showtime is not the top of the line from Straight Talk prepaid cell phones, no contract Android phones or pay as you go touchscreen smartphones, for the price, the LG Optimus Showtime packs a punch and it's a good one! If you are searching for a great family plan smartphone for under $250, the LG Optimus Zip may be just the phone for your family. The Straight Talk family plan would be you adding a family line for either $45 per month for the all you need bundle, or for unlimited everything, add the unlimited bundle for just $45 per month and never worry about overage again. This makes the LG Optimus Zip, powered by Verizon for Straight Talk, one of the best new prepaid cell phones of 2013!

Review the Specs of the LG Optimus Showtime: Powered by Verizon, Prepaid Android Touchscreen Smartphone with Free Shipping or Get the LG Optimus Zip for $20 less, with staying, holding it's value, power up!

LG Optimus Zip Review Straight Talk Walmart


LG Optimus Showtime Specs vs LG Optimus Zip Android™ 4.04.3" Touch Screen3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity5 MP Camera/Video Recorder Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Front Facing Camera 1GHz Processor4GB micro SD™ Card Included This phone will only work with the $45 Unlimited Plan or the $60 Unlimited + International Plan.

Android™ 4.04.3" Touch Screen3G/Wi-Fi® Connectivity5 MP Camera with Flash, Auto Focus and Zoom Video Recorder Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Front Facing Camera 1GHz Processor4GB micro SD™ Card Included Mobile WebMP3 Player (cable not included)GSP Capabilities Choose from over 675,000 Apps and more on Google Play™.

Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake SMS and MMS Picture Messaging Voice/Sound Recorder Supports micro SD™ Card up to 32GB (not included)Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/M4Unlimited Phonebook Entries Battery talk time up to 6 hours Standby time up to 7 days Includes Battery, Charger, Activation Card, 4GB micro SD™ Memory Card, Services Guide and Quick Reference Manual. This phone will ONLY work with the $45/30-Day Unlimited Service Plan or the $60/30-Day Unlimited International Service Plan. It will not work with the $30 All You Need Plan. Plans are not returnable or refundable.

This review of one of the best new prepaid, pay as you go, no-contract, Android powered, Verizon powered, Straight Talk smartphones, the LG Optimus Showtime, has been brought to you by: Best Free Prepaid Mobile.


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