LG Optimus Extreme Review

Reviews of the best new Straight Talk prepaid cell phones and pay as you go smart phones, all powered by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, so you know which towers, your Straight Talk phones use. All Straight Talk smartphones and cell phones that have the ultimate, unlimited bundle offered by Straight Talk.   Reviews include those […]


The best new Straight Talk phones of 2013 are out and while you could find some at local Walmart stores, our all American family has been writing reviews here for about three years and we greatly appreciate you using our Straight Talk authorized direct purchasing links, which give you free overnight shipping, almost all of the […]


  Review the Best New Prepaid Cell Phones, Prepaid smartphones, Android and Verizon Powered Touchscreens from Straight Talk available in 2013. Talk About Great Family Plans and $45 Per Month Prepaid, Pay-As-You-Go, No Contract, All Unlimited! Like the LG Optimus Showtime, powered by Verizon and America's #1 Prepaid Cell Phone, Smartphone of 2013! Now with […]

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Straight Talk has had their no-contract, prepaid cell phones, smartphones, touchscreen android phones at Walmart for some time and Straight Talk has been using Verizon for several of their best new touchscreen android smartphones for a while as well. Why would anyone say not to go buy the best new Straight Talk no-contract, prepaid smartphones […]


Walmart is now offering financing on the Straight Talk, iPhone 5 but the prices are high and if you can live with the LG Optimus Dynamic, LG Optimus Extreme, LG Optimus Zip, or the LG Optimus Black, you can get free shipping in February 2013  and not have to pay those high prices at Walmart […]


Straight Talk has several new cell phones, smartphones, including the LG Optimus Extreme, (reviews below) new in 2013 and of course, all of them are no contract, prepaid, or pay as you go, wireless mobile phones. Which are the best new phones of 2013 from Straight Talk and which ones are smartphones, Android powered, Verizon […]

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