Straight Talk New Smartphones, Touch Screen, Free Rebates: Review the Samsung Galaxy S III, Prepaid, No-Contract, LG Optimus Quest, Centura, Dynamic, Black: Reviews Plus Free Shipping, Not from Walmart!


Samsung Galaxy S III Straight TalkHere it is almost June of 2013 and Straight Talk has some great touch screen smartphones, along with free shipping, our free rebates, as well as unlimited data, talk and text bundle for just $45 per month. The Samsung Galaxy S III is on review and other great touchscreen smartphones that are new and some of the best, as far as prepaid, that use Verizon, AT&T or Sprint towers.

Straight Talk Has Some Great New Smartphones! Prepaid Touch Screen! Prepaid Smartphones with Free Rebates! You Can Even Review the Samsung Galaxy S III, as well as the Prepaid, No-Contract,  LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Quest, Samsung Galaxy Centura, LG Optimus Dynamic, LG Optimus Black, the Motorola Defy XT, or Even the LG Optimus Zip and if you Buy, Get a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

One of the best selling, now basic but still Android and touchscreen, is the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. If you want to get the best currently offered, Remember, the Samsung Galaxy S III also comes with our free $20 rebate that you won't get from Straight Talk or Walmart.  Check out the reviews for each of the Straight Talk phones listed here.

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Check out the reviews of all of the best new Straight Talk prepaid smartphones that are all powered by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint! That's right, Straight Talk may only be sold at Walmart but Straight Talk's prepaid, pay as you go, no-contract smartphones, touchscreen or not, Android powered or not, all use AT&T, Sprint and Verizon towers. 

Straight Talk Uses AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Towers to Power the Best New Prepaid, No-Contract, Touch Screen, Android Powered Cell Phones and Smartphones!

Go ahead and dump your annual plan if you want to save money every month. You don't even have to go to Walmart for refills or anything. Just setup Straight Talk for auto refill and never worry about minutes left, annual contracts again. With auto-pay, you can use a debit or credit card and never worry about the bill again. If you buy for example, the Samsung Galaxy S III, you need the $45 unlimited plan but that's great because Straight Talk gives you unlimited data, talk and text for that price plus free shipping. With the prepaid, no-contract smartphone, the touchscreen, Samsung Galaxy SIII, you get the best Android powered smartphone, as well as a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from Straight Talk.  Check out the review for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Next is the LG Optimus Showtime. The LG Optimus Showtime was out of stock for months because it sold out too fast. Now it's back and hotter than ever in it's price range, for Straight Talk prepaid smartphones, that are touchscreen. About half the price of the Samsung Galaxy SIII prepaid from Straight Talk, the LG Optimus Shhowtime is packed with features that people love. Check out the review of the LG Optimus Showtime and if you love LG, check it out twice.

Next up we have the LG Optimus Quest, the LG Optimus Zip, the LG Optimus Black and the Motorola Defy XT. Each of these are priced lower than the LG Optimus Showtime and the Samsung Galaxy SIII and have different features that people like.

Samsung Galaxy S III Straight TalkGet the Samsung Galaxy S III with No-Contract, Prepaid, Free Shipping and Our Exclusive $20 Rebate! Not from Walmart! Direct from Us with Free Shipping from Straight Talk! Get Unlimited Data, Talk and Text with the Samsung Galaxy S III for Just $45 Per Month! Auto-Refill and Never Worry about Refill Cards or Bills Again, All Thanks to the Leader in Prepaid, Straight Talk!

LG Optimus Black ReviewThe LG Optimus Black I have to brag about a little more for it's being able to stay in the prepaid cell phone market for as long as it has. Last year is when the Optimus Black was first made available by Straight Talk and it has held it's own since then. The LG Optimus Black has remained a best seller for Straight Talk. Consider the LG Optimus Black if $250 is not out of reach for you at this time. Remember, you can also trade up later. Of course the phone needs to be in great condition but it can be done.

LG Optimus Zip Review Straight Talk WalmartThe LG Optimus Zip has been around since last year and people love it as well so, Straight Talk smartly keeps the LG Optimus Zip around. Priced right, the LG Optimus Zip uses Verizon and I think this is one of the best things going for it. Of course other features that make the LG Optimus Zip so desirable are responsible for it having staying power but let's face it, if it was not a good seller, Straight Talk would have either lowered the price substantially or removed it from their prepaid, no-contract lineup all together. The LG Optimus Zip is worth taking a look at so why not take a moment to see if it has what you need and want? Check out the LG Optimus Zip review.

Another smartphone with a slide out Qwerty keyboard that people have loved from Straight Talk for almost two years now, which is also a touchscreen and Android powered, is the LG Optimus Q. The LG Optimus Q has had a lot of reviews and sells very well for Straight Talk. If nothing else, at least check out the reviews of the LG Optimus Q offered by Straight Talk. 

Straight Talk also has the new LG Optimus Dynamic, the Samsung Galaxy Centura for even less. Great smartphones for their price range, both the LG Optimus Dynamic and the Sasmung Galaxy Centura are worth taking a look at their reviews. Granted they are not as large in screen size and may not have as many "bells and whistles", but they are great smartphones, Android and touchscreen. The price is perfect for what you get with them. My personal preference in this price range is the Samsung Galaxy Quest. Worth checking out, the Samsung Galaxy Quest review offers specification information as well as Straight Talk information on which towers are used, be they AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Straight Talk only uses the three major carrier's towers, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Be certain that whichever Straight Talk smartphone you choose, uses a carrier that has better coverage in the areas where you will be using your prepaid smartphone at the most.  

Review the Samsung Galaxy S III, as well as the Prepaid, No-Contract,  LG Optimus Showtime, LG Optimus Quest, Samsung Galaxy Centura, LG Optimus Dynamic, LG Optimus Black, the Motorola Defy XT, or Even the LG Optimus Zip

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