Best (Free) Prepaid Cell Phones 2013 | Straight Talk – Verizon – Sprint Mobile – Best Family Plans! Unlimited $45 Month


best new prepaid smart cell phonesReview and compare, best free prepaid cell phones 2013, by Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, ZTE etc. Pay as you go! Straight Talk, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile. Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, ZTE. Free offers come as well as free cell phones, from Straight Talk, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and many other prepaid or pay as you go, mobile phone services.

It's time for reviews of the best new free cell phones, prepaid smartphones, androids and touchscreens, available in 2013, with the best family plans available. Unlimited data, talk and text for just $45 per month with no contract. Pay as you go mobile phone service from leaders like Straight Talk, Sprint, Verizon and Virgin Mobile.

Important UPDATE October 2013: NEW Best Straight Talk No Contract Phones ALL Powered by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint SEE the Reviews HERE

New Verizon Powered Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk – Review – LG Optimus Zip – Prepaid Straight Talk Best New of 2013, Powered by Verizon – Best Family Plans – Pay As You Go Mobile Smartphones $45 Month Unlimited!


Straight Talk has included free smartphones such as the most popular, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, powered for Straight Talk, the leader in prepaid, also known as "pay as you go" mobile phone service, by Verizon. Add to that it is a touchscreen, android powered and can be one of the best new prepaid family plans for just $45 per line, with unlimited included and you have a great deal. 

Sprint Offers – Free Smartphones – Prepaid iPhones – Best New 2013 Family Plans – Pay As You Go 


If Straight Talk doesn't sound right for you, consider a prepaid iPhone from Sprint, or one of the great HTC phones from Virgin Mobile pay as you go and never pay high mobile phone prices again. Where else can you get a great smartphone, prepaid, like one of the best for sale in 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S2.


The review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is out and people love it. It doesn't matter if the newer Verizon, what is there, one every six months now, is available for a small fortune more. the touchscreen, android smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy S2, is out there in 2013 and one of the best prepaid, pay as you go smartphones available from Straight Talk in 2013. 


Again, one of the best choices in 2013 for prepaid mobile phone service is one requested and now delivered by Sprint, the iPhone 4 is available from Sprint on a prepaid basis and for those who feel the need to be in line with all of the Apple sheeple, the iPhone is prepaid, pay as you go, by Sprint.

Best Popular Verizon Powered Straight Talk 2013 Smartphones – LG Optimus Zip Review

Straight Talk has added another best of 2013 prepaid cell phones, smartphones to the list and it too is on review, the LG Optimus Zip. The LG Optimus Zip is powered for Straight Talk pay as you go mobile phone service by Verizon and this explains it's popularity. when it comes to great coverage. in America, nobody can touch Verizon. The LG Optimus Zip, as well as the LG Optimus Black, are worth taking a look at and their are plenty of reviews for them.

LG Optimus Zip Review

If you are interested in a more affordable prepaid, pay as you go, no contract, touchscreen, smartphone, android powered, check out the reviews of the ZTE Merit 990G. The ZTE Merit 990G on review, is one of the best affordable smartphones available from Straight talk in 2013 and the review is worth checking out.

zte merit 990g Review

Another of the best in new prepaid smartphones for 2013 is the LG Optimus Black on review and from Straight Talk!

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