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LG Optimus Black Best Android Prepaid 2012 Straight Talk

The 2012 reviews of the best Android and smart phones with no annual contract or plan, come from prepaid, pay as you go, mobile cell phone and wireless carriers Straight Talk and Net 10. T Mobile does not off the same and when we review prepaid cell phones like the Android smart phones offered by Straight Talk including the LG Optimus Q, the LG Optimus Black and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.

The LG Optimus Q Review from Straight Talk proves that Straight Talk can offer some of the best Android powered smart phones with their prepaid cell phone plans and with the unlimited data, talk, text and 411 bundle at $45 per month, the LG Optimus Q is a hit in this review!

REVIEW 2012 – Straight Talk – Net 10 Android Smart Phone Plans vs T Mobile Prepaid, Pay As You Go Wireless

This is the best new review of  the truly unlimited talk, text and data plans for $45 month to month plan from Straight Talk, the unlimited pay as you go, no annual contract plan for $50 per month from Net 10. But is T mobile offerring with their prepaid mobile wireless cell phones, a plan for month to month or pay as you go, with a TRULY unlimited bundle for under $50 per month? Straight Talk and Net 10 make it so that their smart phones and Android cell phones like the LG Optimus, LG Optimus q, LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, all work with their unlimited bundle for $45 per month. It's a great month to month prepaid, no annual contract plan.


The main difference between Net 10 and Straight Talk as well as T Mobile prepaid is the cost of the unlimited bundle and whether it is really unlimited or whether the month to month, pay as you go plan is going to cost more than the stated $45 or $50 as published.  I was told that T Mobile actually didn't give you unlimited data but whether or not this is true of prepaid with T Mobile, is yet to be determined. I tried them last year and actually cannot remember what my reason for not liking their pay as you go mobile phone service was. They have a good selection of Android and smart phones I hear.


Review Conclusion: Straight Talk Prepaid and Net 10 Pay As You Go Beat T Mobile Wireless Prepaid R

Net 10 is great and has excellent customer service like Straight Talk but Net 10 does not have the free basic cell phones and costs $5 more per month. The review for the Net 10 covergae vs Straight Talk and T Mobile is good though. Net 10 and Straight Talk have better covergae than T Mobile. Over all, I still prefer the Straight Talk prepaid, pay as you go, mobile, wireless cell phones and plans. The Android LG Optimus, LG Optimus Balck, Samsung galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, are just added bonuses with Straight Talk and their 3G, 4G network covergae rocks as well.


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