Best Cell Phone Plans, Compare Prepaid Wireless, Pay As You Go, Free Phone Offers 2012


Review the Best new Free Straight Talk Prepaid, No Contract, Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for $45 with 3G Network Coverage by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, for June 2012 including how you can WIN a FREE Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Just by Social Sharing, Facebook Liking, Digging etc., ANY post here at review Cell phone or Cry baby news.

Nokia E71 Straight Talk Smart Phone Unlimited Bundle $45

Get the Nokia E71 Smart Phone from Straight Talk for $49.99 Now! The Hottest Straight Tall Prepaid Cell Phone Deal Of January 2012!

The market for prepaid wireless, cell phone service in America in 2012 will continue to expand given the fact that prepaid cell phone companies are offering unlimited talk, text and data bundles for as little as $45 per month. The best prepaid cell phone plan with unlimited text, data and talk is with Straight Talk and costs just $45 per month. 


Pay as you go is another term used to describe prepaid wireless or prepaid cell phone service. AT&T has a Go phone but their unlimited data, talk and text is not unlimited if you have a smart phone. With AT&T pay as you go, prepaid wireless, you have to purchase additional data plans if your prepaid cell phone is a smart phone. With Straight Talk or Net 10, the unlimited bundle for $45 per month, includes their smart phones and that makes the Straight Talk unlimited talk, text and data bundle, truly unlimited.

The Straight Talk plans are the cheapest in 2012 with the only close rival being Net 10. The difference is that the Net 10 unlimited plan is $50 per month for exactly the same features and services.

Straight talk offers free cell phones, paid cell phones such as Android powered and great smart phones like the Nokia E71. The Nokia E71 is an awesome cell phone and my choice for personal and business use in 2012. I will be reviewing the Nokia E71 over the next couple of days so please, subscribe to the blog and get free updates via feed and or email.

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